To God

Struggles and Prayer

(Asking for and Giving Forgiveness) Dear Lord, I beg of your forgiveness we’ve both always known it would come to this I suppose. I’ve known […]

it’s done

You need to know that God is slow to anger and quick to forgive. That means the moment your prayer began to leave your mouth, […]

Sorry I lied

I masterbate and watch porn. I was sexually abused when I was 3 or 4. I used to play with my body parts until a […]


please forgive me. yesterday i went to my friend and while he was going away from his room i did somthing.

please forgive me

god please forgive me for the wrong turns i made please keep your loving arms around me and all of your children please help me […]


Sorry that i ate your kidney, you can get a new one at the hospital.

im sorry

im sorry for lieing may i see you again sorry for sinning or should i give up read on rise up you shall im so […]

Help me

Help me. I do not get along wit my mother. I want my boyfreind to know that he means the world to me. I dont […]

Forgive me

Father please forgive me for anything i have done to offend you. I work hard to do the right things and pray everyday. Satin is […]