To God

Christian Dear God!

Dear God! Please give live and health to my Mom Wife son and me please give your help in business to me Bless the people here within, Keep […]

Still messing up

Once again for the 15,000th time I still watched p and did the dumb deed. I am so mad at myself. I even started going […]


Perdón dios mio por este pecado soy un a adolescente con un deseo que me lleva a la perdición y me ISO perderte

Still blowing off God

Once again I chose myself and sin instead of God. I watched p and did the dirty deed. I guess I am going to hell, […]

Same as before

I gave in to my addiction again. God save us all who struggle with this addiction.

I hate you

Dear GOD I hate you. I hate you for making my life a living hell,for sending parents who never loved or cared about me or […]

Salvation and Divine Mercy

Please hear my prayer for Divine Mercy, Salvation, and Restoration for Neil. Much prayer and praise for Your Loving Hands in his life for it […]


quiero pedir perdon por todos los pecados que he cometido que no son fuerte pero he criticado mucho ala gente. pido perdon