To God


Lord- I am sending this to you, bc in any fashion can a confession or prayer be sent. GOD- noone knows me better than you […]

Please forgive me Good

Please forgive me God for I have sinned. Please forgive my unwarranted and distrustful thoughts that I have been thinking these past few days. I […]

i would wish…

I’m tired of my life, and i know that God gives us this as the best present for us. my life is the worst present […]


God please forgiv me that I get rid off the baby many years ago.


I wan to find love and i go about doing so the wrong way. I meet good men but i get emotionally attached quick. I […]

pleas god

meu deus ajuda os meus filhos serem amigos a que o meu filho Mark Almeida Da Silva que se Liberte da droga e bebida e […]

Te pido perdon

God forgive me for I have sinned, you know I masturbated constantly, I do not want, I want you to help me God, stop masturbating, […]

Can lying be forgiven?

I recently was told to give my testimony and talk about my past to a church’s youth group. Looking bad, it looks I’ve lied or […]