Confession and Forgiveness

This is a 2 part letter of confession and forgiveness.

It was inspired by a dream I had where I had confessed my feelings of love towards you and you decided to sabotage your own wedding day.

I felt relieved after saying what had always eluded me to say even in my dreams.

It was a weird dream.

This is more for me than you. I have always had feelings of love towards you, for years now, too long to remember.

I guess they had evolved from crushing to full-on love without my knowing.

I started to fully understand my feelings for you when even in your faults I still continued to love you even more not wanting to change anything about you.

It was never my intention to have this kind of feelings for you, no did I foresee myself pining after a man in my future.

Its been torture for me and I want no more of these feelings because they have robbed me of a chance at a full life.

It’s been so because you inspired in my passion, fire, need, raw emotions mixed in with life which I had never felt before.

Not your problem but mine, lol.

Of course, as a woman, I can’t come up to you and confess my feelings for fear of being rejected, laughed at, or losing face or my sense of dignity.

Though it has made me fully appreciate what men go through at times in order to find love.

As these feelings grew I have now come to realize that I may have a solution to you whether it be a soulmate/twin flame tie or a godly/ungodly tie I don’t know and at the moment I don’t seem to care.

I just want to be free of these feelings because nothing would come of them because you are with another and I don’t think I am your type, lol.

I have this sense that when I break this solution it will be one of the most painful experiences in my life because for me it is in fact, true love.

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