hi dear lord ❤️it’s the first time I’m writing here.

In these past 6 months, all I feel is sadness because of being hurt by my loved ones, mother and father, especially my mommy, which i still don’t know if i have to call her “mother” anymore.

She literally broke my heart into pieces that can’t be repaired into a one beautiful heart, i love her more than my whole life i will literally give my life to her.

It’s difficult to explain my situation. I know she “probably loves me,” but I can’t trust her anymore, and I don’t feel like I have a mother.

i think i’m all alone in this world and that i can’t trust anybody!! Nobody neither one person, they’re all angels but if you see them when they take off the mask they’re evils son’s.

Since that day, I’m feeling lonely, alone with nobody who can help me and understand me; I’ve got lots of illnesses like breast problems and also stomach. This feels like I’m anorexic, but i’m scared, really scared.

Everyone’s joking about my health about myself.

I’ve lost my real parents.

I can’t find any happiness. All I do is love my little sister. She’s all my happiness; she’s a gift of God. When I see her, all I do is smile. She always stands up with me when I don’t feel good. She really cares about me!

God, please help me if you don’t want to, help others in the world, thank you i will literally give my whole life to save them and help them, but i feel that i’m dying.

thank you for everything my lord ❤️