It really hurts because I do not have money people disrespect me for that they disrespect my family my mom and my dad who did everything for me in life they went through all sacrifices perhaps that is the reason they do not have that money this man really brags a lot about our families because we do not got wealth we do not have powerful people we do not have anything special like beauty or looks for which people would love us.

I do not know what is in my destiny how much wealth am I going to accumulate also I do not know about this thing if something like destiny even `exists. what I know at this moment is I want to accumulate a lot a lot of money for sure right now it is the greatest power on planet I want to accumulate not millions but Billions I want to be rich at least with money if I am failing at other things, god bless me strength to put all the power in me in doing so It is feeling so disgusting they think this is what my family’s worth is to run through 2lkh car on their direction I am not that guy I am willing to sacrifice all in me god please keep on burning the fire in me, I need money I need money so much not less, I want to own luxury houses to luxury cars In return take all of my lust, god please! it is not the first time I felt disrespect I know it happens because he got much wealth than mine but I personally think with this attitude he do not deserve this much.

hey lord of this universe implant such habits in me where I can easily take care of myself and my family God I want to be your son, bless me all the positivity and take away all the illness I have replace it with wealth

I know I got the capability of accumulating a lot of wealth but god by far I was unaware even if I was aware I did not have courage to get rid off the addiction where All of my power of creativity was going, you designed your son in a way that he has all the powers, you left the potential of world changing but I was un aware please forgive me and if possible If I deserve bless me Please.

Westminster Confession of Faith

The Westminster Confession of Faith is a Reformed confession of faith that English and Scottish theologians wrote in the 17th century.

Catholic Confession

Catholic Confession, also known as the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation, is a religious rite in the Catholic Church where a person confesses their sins