Creator of heaven and earth

Creator of heaven and earth, and all things made, please lend an ear God to my submission to Your Holy throne. Lord, I have committed acts that go against Your holiness, Your laws, and Your holy structure and will on this earth. You Father showed me mercy at a young age, in my teens, which were the best years and I lived a clean type of life before Your eyes. For the rest of my youth, I strayed away from Your path and Your prescripts for holy and blessed living.

You rightfully are punishing me, and my life is one big mess. You have this right Lord because you are holy, and I have transgressed in gross ways, being immoral. I suffer Lord, but You are righteous, and thats not why I’m suffering. I suffer because You are just, and Your punishment is just because Your laws are for keeping life holy. I am guilty of Your judgment my Creator, and I must pay the price. Lord, I need your pardon for my sins, I am guilty and they were great and wrong Father. My youth was filled with abominations, I dared to commit infront of your holy heaven.

But, Lord I regret with painful sincerity and heavy guilt, all foul I have committed against my Maker. I want to not live like a fool Lord anymore. I want to live clean and holy infront of your eyes. I ask Father, that you forgive me, cleanse me from within, love me again and restore my name in the Book of life, and make me your grateful servant for all my days, forever and ever, to serve you for the pardon, mercy and grace. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless me and my family, for generations to come only with your mercy and forgiveness, save us Lord I beg You, we are sinners.

Save me for I do not want to sin anymore, but I want to make right, I want to turn my back to the evil and wrong within me. Let Your Holy Spirit reside inside of me again, and cleanse me , body and souls, from all thats an evil in Your eyes.

Save me, save also all my family, everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know. Guide me onto holy living, and Your standards, never forsake me, return me to Your nation, I know I9 deserve this not, but I beg you as King David did, not for my shake Lord, but for Your Name shake,

In the Name of Your only Son, Jesus Christ the Redeemer and Savior, Amen. Be also on every aspect of my life, and direct it God Father, me and my families, forgive us our sins and inequities, and lead us unto wisdom and life, let us wander in Your true ways, as only way of living, for now until all eternity, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Lead my family, lead our lives, so the devil wont have the space to be in our lives anymore, and Your glory will fill our existence, in Jesus’ holy Name, I pray you, Heavenly Father, Amen. Bless Israel and also the gentiles, save us, dear God, Amen.

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