Damn it, I sinned again…

I confess to the whole Trinity and to Mankind, that I have sinned grievously again.

Though I do live a fairly righteous life, but when I screw up, …I really mess up.on top of my attitude of swearing, judging others, being somewhat critical at times, and just generally angry lately…my biggest so s are watching porn and releasing.

I that I would have grown past that by now.

I also need to confess my pure and rage full thoughts and feelings, though I have cause for being angry, I am still working on that.

I pray that God can forgive me of all these sins, the ones I have forgotten, and any that I just didn’t consider to confess….

I know if I forgive others I to will be forgiven. God, I do forgive others, some are easier than other people but with your help in time, I can. Please Jesus wash me clean in the Blood…I do plead the Blood of Christ and make me whole again.

And ready to serve again with new strength and fervor.

In Jesus Christ Name I Pray, Amen…