Dear God

I first want to thank you for everything I have. I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and that’s all thanks to you.

This past year was very rough, but I came out stronger in my faith because of it. Better than ever actually. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this point.

I am a sinner lord, and asking for your forgiveness. Please fill my heart with your love, grace and glory. I ask that for my children too, and their spouses too.

Filled their hearts and let them know about our glory and love.
My daughter and I use to be so close. I miss that so much. I just pray that my children are happy one as soon as today they accept you into their hearts.

Please help me with my spending problem. I need to save money for a vehicle but the devil always drags me toward spending on clothes and stuff. I need to concentrate on me this year and get my life back in order.

But I can do all of this as long as I have you in my heart. Continue please to teach me your glory and word and keep me on the correct path in life.

This I pray. I feel sometimes that I don’t deserve all my friends helping me. I couldn’t even be here working or living in cleveland if it wasn’t for Brigitte. Thank you Lord.

For everything I have.

Help me save money! Please I beg.

And to quit giving in to my temptations. Help me find a great SUV and a place to rent where I can be happy and live for a long time. In your most holy name, AMEN