Dear God please help me

Dear God, I’m grateful for what you’ve been doing to me all this time. You’ve been helping me so I feel happy go lucky.

But right now I feel like I’m stuck.

Economic problems seem to be the dead end. God, please help me to gain money to pay all of my debts easily without being late. I’m now working hard trying to gain more money each day .

Please God, help me. I don’t wanna cause problems to people around me.

Moreover, God please help me finishing my thesis.

So I can graduate in December. I don’t wanna be in debt because I have to pay for my tuition fee again.

I hope this will be my last semester. I’m afraid God. I’m afraid. I’m afraid. And I hope I can marry this man.

He’s the one you sent to me to make me becoming closer to you.

He took me to the church for the first time in my life. Meeting him was beautiful. I hope I can marry him <3

The last one is the blessing.

Thank God.

I hope I can attract so many money to pay all of my debts. To get over this. To become wealthy enough so I can live each day without worrying about money.