dear god’s B.A.M. World universe

Dear BAM WORLD GOD universe,

“I’ve found out it was Tremaine king that went out the world and dragged me out with voodoo dolls and kept lying about
What I was doing, I wanted to come back, but tremane kept on blocking with “Shut uppppppppuh,” “You ain’t getting nothing”,
“You a snitch”, I warned I wanted to come back to bam world a generated world or else, and he’s doing it for Satriona Williams because she a crybaby for a damn $20 book, not a $300 book, I don’t care if he’s not the owner of the dolls or not.

Because it’s not fair I have to put up with this bullshit every nano sec days in 1 24/7 day, and phyllis king should be put In jail for harassment for dream realms talking about the refugee coming to get me, faking her heart attack, I want a Physical bam world to come back and get me without them there around nor in it, until the private world is over, and they Trying to have me have enemies too as well, a boy name julian, crap, the fact they trying to make a jail rule if you leave The universe or the world, you’re in big trouble, and he kept using the dolls as sex dolls too, and they got mad that.

They have to use Bam world dolls for themselves, not outer god’s universe oops, plus satriona williams kept saying I left
To the cheetah girls world when I never even did