Dear Lord,

I’m Sorry For All The Bad Stuff I Did, Saying Things That Are Not True, Hitting Jack, Cooper, and CJ, Being Jealous Of Reese Tompkins and Lily Jones, and Being Ungrateful when I’m Grateful.

My Only Wish Is That I Made JV Cheer 2023-2024 At My School and Being Flexible and An All-Star Cheerleader and Not Have Autism. I Wish I had Repeated Sixth Grade and Cheered Pee Wee For Cheer Camp In July and School August 4th, 2023. Please Forgive Me and Understand.

badder I confess to

I confess to almighty GOD and the people of the earth that I have seriously sinned!

bad behavior

I was mean to my cubicle mate for a long time, around two years.