you are out there thank you.

I want god to read my letter please, dear god can you give me guidance to seek out the new me in life now that I have recovered from alcohol and drugs.

I know I have been very bad in my actions in the past and I hope you can lead me your way now.

I am just making a prayer to make my life straightened out by praying for forgiveness, attending Sunday mass, staying on task in church, being motivated for school, and helping others by just being a friend to them when many need at least to be talked to.

I understand that my life has been a disaster since I turned 11 years old and now I made a change at 29 years of age.

I made a change to put you god in my life and know your there forever so that I can be safe and belong to.

I am counting on you god when I know that all I have learned about in the bible classes I have attended, church masses, and readings about the bible are true and will never go away because they exist.

So now jesus the only thing I want to do is pray the rosary in church when I receive comm for it calms me down to believe I am not just out there with no communication about a belief of peace and love towards me.

God if you are out there thank you.