Dear God, I come before you with an open heart.

Ready to surrender myself into the unknown simply because I trust you, your timing and perfect will. I know that as long as I place my faith in you I can never lose. I know that you love me and are always protecting me. even in the wilderness, in darkness and in sorrow I know I can trust you to pull me through.

Father my life is in shambles…I am struggling financially and this is destroying my self esteem, my ability to crave for life or even see the beauty in it.

I ask that you give me strength and faith to hold on! To believe in your power and ability to change my life. Grant me patience to know that your timing is always perfect and just. Help me see the beauty in struggle but most importantly ordain with courage to face them head on and grant me the faith to not fall apart.


How To Choose And Make The Right Decision?

Have you ever had to decide and choose between several options?