fofos dad

my friend fofo’s real dad died when she was young i told my other friend let’s call her gaffer the story which i appartly wasn’t supposed to know.

i had heard it from my other friends mom and she had told it a little differently than at really happened with fofo’s dad.

so anyways i told my gaffer the story thinking that she already knew and then she went and told fofo wat i had said.

and the next thing i knew i was being called a bitch and was being ganged up on after school.5 to 1. the 1 being me.

my bff cece s fofo and i never really have cause she starts drama.

but cece s her and cece is my bff so had to hang out with fofo.

but now i was going to have to go to school and have cece hanging out with fofo and me all by myself.

overall i feel so bad about wat happened because fofo started crying when she got to her car and so did i.

but wat i am most scared of is her mom cause her mom is going to be pissed!!!!!! : o help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – lolo