Forgive me LORD for the way i behaved

Tamal had given me his password.

I read the emails his girlfriend (who was married to someone else by then) had sent, in his personal folder and also took a backup of them.

I did this because I loved Tamal.

He was also physically involved with me.

But when I saw the dates of the emails it was when we were together.

I felt very bad about that and I still can’t forgive him.

I always kept on asking him questions abt his past and even when he was not in the same city as I am I wd get suspicious of his no.

Was busy for a long time. he had uploaded some picnic pics in orkut in which there was a pic with one gal.

when I asked him abt her he never told me her name also.

I kept on asking him he was always sitting.

but whenever i was with him and if friends wd come there, he wd pretend as if he did know me.

then y did he put up this pic God! he never answered.

and the last time I asked him this qn which he again didn’t and i said that u just know o use people emotionally and physically, you are just a flirt.

He has stopped talking to me since then God.

I really love him but the pains inflicted by him are too many and it’s difficult to forgive him.

moreover, he never asked for forgiveness.

He wd just say that i didn’t intend to hurt you, you just get hurt.

He said he loves me but doesn’t want to marry me.

He wanted to get physically involved but didn’t want to commit. According to him, i was not the right person.

I had many Bad Qualities in me! don’t understand god, wat all this is, and where it will end.

will Tamal ever talk to me also, i don’t know.

for now, I can write only so much.

will tell u the other things some other time.