Forgiveness for Both of Us

Last week I hit rock bottom with the content of my emails and the “postcards” I sent.

I have a serious problem.

It’s called “addiction” and I am now seeing a professional about everything that’s happened.

I’m sure you wouldn’t understand because you despise me and think it’s an excuse.

It isn’t.

I am scared.

I do forgive you for what you said and the way you treated me (especially this morning, when you ignored me — I was right in back of you and you knew it because my son came up to your car).

I hope you can forgive me someday. I am still trying to forgive myself too.

The next time you say the ??Our Father?? really listen to these words: ??Forgive us our trespasses as WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US.?? That is what I have decided to do from now on, because to hold a grudge and to hate is a mortal sin.

I’ve already committed my share of sins.

I also want to apologize for the “ho boy” comment.

And by the way, I have and always will love you as a friend, no matter what’s happened.