I Love you. Keith

Hi Father, just wanted to thank you for everything I have in my life, cause if it was’not for you I would not have anything…

Praise God!!!.

I just want to ask you to forgive me for the sins that I keep doing over and over again, I am sorry I?m so weak and I pray for strength.

Father, please have Jesus move his time table up so we can have him here sooner…

we need him here now…

this world sucks and it keeps getting worse everyday.

To much pain in the world, to many things to get mad at because there is just to much stupidity, greed and lust for power and money.

There is so much going on that know one can keep up with it, to many problems to address. We have been to complacent and I feel things are beyond our reach to try and repair the problems.

People don’t realize that life here on earth is only a small bit of time, a chance to show you who we are, who we can become and where we want to be when it’s time to be judged for our decisions and our choices.

Eternity is a long time and Hell is worse than anything we can imagine by a 100 fold or better. Hell was made for demons, not for man and we don’t want to even smell that place, let alone go there.

So my prayer to you is…

Please forgive us for falling short of your glory, for being so childish, proud and selfish.

Father, we were meant to be with you, so I ask you to come here and rule over us, love us, show your abundant mercy and let us all proclaim that you are God and Jesus is Lord!!!.

And when it’s time to kick satans butt for all the terrible crap he’s done to us all, please let me be right up there with Micheal and Gabrial, sword in hand and power from you to exact punishment on the evil ones that have caused so much pain and suffering, I have some anger in me that needs to be let loose on those demons.

I know your a loving and forgiving God, but I hate satan and his demons and I wish to send them back to Hell…


I stand by you Father and Jesus.

So please get here quickly, this has to end.

I Love you. Keith