Heaven I humbly seek your guidance

Dear God let me disappear Mary and yes Jesus Christ’s mother and let Dajah height be Mary Jesus Christ mother when we dies.

I humbly seek your guidance and strength to conquer my weaknesses and resist temptations. I beseech you to bless me with wisdom to make wise decisions, fortitude to resist alluring distractions, and humility to glean valuable lessons from my previous missteps.

Jesus Christ name, amen

Holy Father in Heaven

Dear Holy Father in Heaven, I’m humbly requesting you to guide me and help me in my current journey.

Creator of heaven and earth

Creator of heaven and earth, and all things made, please lend an ear God to my submission to Your Holy throne.

you jesus in heaven i pray.

Dear Father in heaven, please send me a prayer of hope. i need a lot rite now from you.