Help me

Please help me go through the problems I am having in class.

I feel that I have put in effort but I am not getting the results that I want to have.

I want to make myself better and have a better life with the ability I have.

I am so afraid that I will end up somewhere I don’t want to be and regret it for the rest of my life.

I am currently trying to start a new relationship with a girl and try to pull up my grades.

So far both are looking good and not looking because I am having some issues with both.

As you see my grades, are not very very bad but I want to get them up.

With the GPA I think I can graduate but I want to have a good GPA.

Please help me with this and make me go through this phase more quickly.

I am hoping that after this couple of weeks, this will pass on.

Especially help me with my 424 and 410 classes, I need help for both, and may you be with me to figure it out along the way.

Wish me and the girl will have a positive outcome and be together in the long run because I really want to settle down with a person that I can spend the rest of my life with.

Help me, lord, I trust you, and I think that it will all turn out well.

Thank you.

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