I wronged a person I loved dearly. He was a jolly fellow who loved to talk. He was perfect. Literally the best person I ever met. We went through ups and downs but managed to sustain the relation. But I gradually felt that my words, and feelings were stupid… I withdrew…I became cold, weird. He felt isolated. But I loved him. Never did it occur to me that this relation might not succeed. Then finally.. it ended.

I apologized multiple times. I am emotionally blunt to an extent… I had trouble understanding stuff. But when I did, I tried hard to make amends, with no effect. I know that this is the punishment I deserve. The only reason I am sane is that have hope in my heart that.. things will be better if I reform myself. I have exams coming up.

I pray to you to lend me the strength to fight this ordeal. I pray to you dear God, so that you show me the better path. I pray to you to keep him happy, healthy and safe. I pray to you to cleanse my karma. Help me study and focus. Help me pay for my wrong deeds. I have much to achieve…but my source of happiness is lost. Help me find purpose again.