hey god its sahara..

Life has been so hard for me and riley, nut personally me ..

I’m back living with my dad. You probably already knew that, I’ve been back for awhile now and that house is so toxic it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it .. also my birthday is in 2 months, the big 17 ..

yea, its not that exciting normally i love the day of my birthday but this year is different, i definitely don’t get any special treatment from my dad like I use too ..

I just pray too you god , too watch over me and the ones i love and they love me .. but pls get me out of this toxic household and just let me be happy for a minute ..

I miss being happy god , watch over my mommy pls .. even tho im growing up i care about her the most ! thank you, god for all the miracals you come up with and hopefully will continue too bless me with miracales amen .

Bad since day 1

FIRST in my life dear LORD.

Being Bossy

betray you about promises