Holy Father in Heaven

Dear Holy Father in Heaven, I’m humbly requesting you to guide me and help me in my current journey.

I know you’ve been always helping me and was forever grateful to you.

I still owe you my 2nd life.

Thank you dear father for the food on our table, the roof above our heads, and our good health.

Dear Heavenly Father, I am writing to you to please help me find a good job that fits me and earned good earnings to take care of my family. A job where there’s no drama or a controlling type of manager.

I just would like to be able to work quietly and not to have to deal with an arrogant manager, where he talks too much of himself.

Lord give me a chance to be able finally able to land a job that I can call my second home/ family till the day I retire.

I know that you would lead me to land one day.

I trust lord that it would come soon.

But no matter what, my faith in you will not change. Thank you forever with whole my heart Lord.

Allelujah to your name.

I adore you, I love you and Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!