How Do We Listen More To Ourselves And Others?

Have you ever tried to listen to someone with full attention, without judgment?

  • Without the thoughts running through your head as a chain reaction to what is being said?
  • Without getting angry at what was said and thinking how to attack back?
  • Without having to ask questions just to satisfy your curiosity?
  • Without having to give advice or decide what is good?
  • Without later gossiping behind our backs and passing on the information we were told?

When should we be silent and in general what about listening to ourselves?

A person who listens is a person who is curious to know what the other has to say, a person who is interested in hearing.

And Sometimes It’s Worth Keeping Quiet About

When the word is given in 2 meanings it is better to be silent. Silence is twice as good as a speech.

Rambam spoke of the wisdom of silence ‘therefore he will not hurry to answer nor speak much. Silence serves as a guard for wisdom ’(the word sage means fence). The sage does not boast of his wisdom.

Each person has a different reality. When you listen and do not respond silently, you take your time. You create a space between stimulus and response and ask yourself a simple question What else can be deduced from what happened?

Exercise For Learning The Skill Of Listening

If you want to learn how to listen, it is advisable to practice this first in front of a close person – but not too close; A person who will not immediately overwhelm you with precipitation and turbulent emotions, and yet you will feel comfortable talking to him. In other words, do not immediately start practicing with your spouse, or with a family member or other person with whom you have a relationship.

In the first step, practice listening to the person of your choice for five minutes a day. First, practice your memory skills: listen to a few sentences, and then try to repeat the words he said – yes, really ‘like a parrot’…

Try it, and you will see that when you listen to others, wonderful things will happen to you!