How To Get Over A Broken Heart

  • How do you overcome a broken heart?
  • Does a broken heart have a place for new love?
  • And how is it that a broken stage is a whole heart?

Many of us have experienced the feeling and experience of a broken heart. And it can be because of disappointed love, unfulfilled love, betrayal, great hurt, loss, and separation, and the closer we are to that person, and it is important to our hearts, the intensity of the pain increases. And the feeling is like drowning suddenly. And when you rise above the water to breathe again comes a big and drowning wave.

Some people drown in pain, some ignore it and move on without talking about it, and some cope because this pain shapes us and also affects all the circles of our lives.

So what do you do when your heart is broken? How do you cope and overcome, and is there such a thing as a broken heart or “that a broken heart is a whole heart”?

To Follow The Heart Requires A Lot Of Courage In Order Not To Follow, It Takes A Little More, Even A Lot

So he desperately wanted to go after his heart, but he was afraid that if he went after him, he would have to pay too high a price. He knew that if he followed him, he might hurt people who lied to him. He was afraid they would not like him. He was also afraid of criticism. So he did not follow him. Yes, it took a lot of courage not to go after the heart. And when he did not go, everyone continued to love him. And he also did not hurt anyone. Nor did anyone criticize him, but what did happen was that whatever he feared would happen from the outside happened to him from the inside. He did not like himself, hurt, or criticize himself, and the price for this conduct was not long in coming…

How Long Does It Take To Scientifically Heal A Broken Heart?

A study published in the journal Positive Psychology has an answer How long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

  • For the purpose of the study, 155 undergraduate students who experienced a breakup in the last six months were recruited.
  • The results showed that 77 percent of the group surveyed took eleven weeks from the moment of separation until they could generate positive emotions, grow from the experience and produce life goals for divorcees taking longer.
  • Another survey published by a British dating site found that people who were married and divorced took longer to recover from the breakup. It took eighteen months until they succeeded and wanted to move on.
  • Five percent of those surveyed in India said it took them several years to move on.
  • Although different people handle matters of the heart differently, and each case on its own, science has found that there is life after love.