I Am Ready. thank You Lord Amen

First thank you god for all your grace and mercy, only by you I have been blessed

Lord I am tired, I try so hard and each day brings a problem I find hard to work through, but somehow, someway it gets done.

But, Lord I am tired now, I want peace, I feel as though I am hurting people and I do not want this.

I am 56 years old, my mind is tired, my body is tired, I have been fighting for a long time to hold it together, through it all.

You say not to question and I do not anymore,I just wonder, when will it me my time.

But then I stop and look around and I say you have to bless me abundantly and I do thank you.

I then look back and think about how did I make it from here to there.

Thank you, Lord, and if it.

S my day for rest I am ready.

Thank you lord amen