I Forgive You

Pop, I haven’t seen you in 12 years.

People say I’m turning into a beautiful girl.

I know you remember me, but I’m frozen in your memory as that young, helpless girl.

You hurt me.

You took something from me that you didn’t deserve.

You took something from me that I didn’t want to give you.

You have made me wonder about myself and the people around me.

What you did to me is something that no one should ever do to anyone.

But I want you to know that I forgive you.

I hope God enters your life and I hope you turn to him.

Maybe one day I will see you in heaven, and you can apologize to me there.

Until then, I want you to know that you will never have me again.

My mind will no longer wonder.

I have come to terms with what has happened.

You can no longer steal my life from me.

You can no longer control me.

I am me, and I am beautiful and wonderful, and smart and whole.

God has given that to me, and I hope that one day, He will give the same thing to you.