I love you <3 my big sissy <3

I don’t know about u but i feel soooo stupid rite now.

I can’t believe we fought cuzz u didnt get carney?s number. damn.

I FEEL SOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!T_T STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH!!!!(BANGS HEAD ON WALL) anyway, my point is im really sorry i never thought we would get in a fight to where we call eachother fuckers and asses and bitches unless we r just playing around we did at the park wen I think botu the day at the park and all the other things we did togther and how we acted to eachother and then think about this….

I feel sooooooo dumb and I’ve never felt any more dumb in my life.

wen we were arguing i was shaking with anger and FEAR cuzz i thought we werent gonna be friends any more and no matter how hard i tried to stop shaking i couldn’t.

and I’m gonna tell u something? ive never told any body before.

NOT EVEN CARNEY KNOWS!!! its my most deepest darkest secret and i don’t know if i already told u but ill tell u again.

wen u get the chance call me and ill tell you. k?? any way i love you Paige cuzz no matter how many times we fight and call eachother names i will always think of you as a big sister cuzz no sisters or friends can live without fights sometimes and thats very true…

and u know it 🙂 I Love You Big Sissy :?) <3 <3 <3 i know ur in bed rite now and u won’t get this till u get one but ?Good Night and Sweet Dreams? Ily my big sissy <3 <3 <3 :?)