I love you God

Oh, Beloved God,

My heart overflows with love for you. If only I could express it with a heart untainted by falsehood and deceit. Alas, my imperfections weigh heavy upon me. I surrender myself to you completely, pleading for your divine intervention to free me from the grip of my earthly desires. Take control of my being, for I yearn for you to reign as the King of my life, guiding my every step.

I confess that my flesh often leads me astray, clouding my judgment and obscuring the path of righteousness. I implore you to remove the shackles of my worldly desires and replace them with a pure heart, one devoted entirely to your will. Help me relinquish the allure of temptation and surrender to your divine authority.

You, dear Lord, are the epitome of truth and purity. Your love is unwavering, despite my shortcomings. I long to reflect your magnificence in my thoughts, words, and actions. Please transform me, molding my character to align with your divine purpose.

I recognize that I am powerless on my own. I acknowledge the limitations of my fleshly existence and humbly submit to your authority. Guide me, oh Lord, along the path of righteousness. Instill in me the strength to resist the temptations that threaten to consume me.

I yearn to live a life that glorifies your name. Remove the falsehoods and deceit that reside within me, replacing them with a genuine and unwavering devotion to you. I surrender my flawed nature to your grace, trusting that you will reshape me into a vessel of truth, love, and authenticity.

As I pen this plea, I acknowledge my dependence on your boundless mercy and grace. With a contrite heart, I surrender my desires and shortcomings to your divine wisdom. Mold me, dear God, into a reflection of your goodness, mercy, and righteousness.

You are the true King, and I willingly yield to your sovereignty. May my life be a testament to your glory, as I humbly submit to your divine will. Take me over, dear Lord, and let your love and truth permeate every fiber of my being.

With profound love and surrender,