i pray this in your name Amen.

Father above..

Thank you for the beautiful days that you have given us.

For being our god, our father, our Lord, and our savior, and our best friend.

Forgive us for we have sinned but let us come forward to you to confess.

I know I’m working on being a good person a better leader to everyone..

a friend and whatever it is that they see me as.

I also know that i need to help out alot more at home with my family because at times i see myself putting other things before you and before them.

Show me the love, the life, the heart of you and keep it with me..

for as that is something that someone else will never know about us.

that is theย  heart of god.

Please forgive me for my wrongs and at times my selfish moments.

Fill me with the holy spirit and all the joy and non worrinesses that i need to use in hand to full fill my heart and sprit.

Never let me stop believing in myself which is to keep you in my soul.

I have a lot but something is holding me back from it..

in your power give me the strength and confidence to over come that mentallity.

I made a promise to you and ill never let that slip. =).

i pray this in your name Amen.