I pray to not be in pain anymore

Dear Lord, I have tried to live my life as wholesome as possible.I raised a family many pets and through it all your soldier has battled many illnesses.

Cancer, Brain Tumor twice, 2nd gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago, iron infusions every 4 months, 4 foot surgeries, 2 shoulder surgeries, 8 stomach surgeries, half a colon left and 3 car accidents with concussions leaving me with memory loss every day. Please take this pain away.

Please I beg you I have suffered for so long I do not know what a day without pain is like. I have seen therapists, Drs, gone to Church. Your greatest sacrifice was giving your life for the sake of others I am asking what can i do now? I have migraines everyday, my body aches every day I have no one left to talk to.

My parents died 7years ago to be with you. I am only 53. I have spent over 1/2 my life in and out of hospitals. I am exhausted. I pray you find it in your heart to allow the dr to at least fix my foot pain permanently upon my next visit soon. At least if i can walk I can carry on whatever it is your mission is for me in this life.

Your humble servant on earth. me I pray this in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost. Amen