i want someone , i want love

ohh god, i am done god, enough god , enough… god, i know everything, i understand everything, i am worthy, and i am working on myself, god i can’t handle it anymore, its painful, really painful, god…i want love, i want love, i want love, i want love

can’t you send someone , a girl in my life, god i have been single since ages…and now i really feel the urge and want for an partner…i am wounded, i want love to heal myself…., i want love to grow , i want to hug someone, i want to kiss someone…why is also so that i don’t have good friends, i don’t have siblings…. why am i so lonly…why do people hate me.

Love Languages and Personality Types

In the realm of relationships, understanding your partner’s love language and personality type can be a game changer.