I’m not sure

Hi. I pray for the ones with cancer. I’d also like to pray for the misunderstood because sometimes people just don’t seem to get or see or care how badly somebody else is hurting on the inside.

Help Us Honor My Dad

06/28/23: I am 22 years old. My father, Manuel Mercado, passed away from stage 4 cancer on January 13, 2023. 

I want to be as healthy as before

God, please help me recover from this. There is times when itโ€™s hard to swallow and breathe.

Let me have a better life

Dear godMy family is treating me like crapthey wonโ€™t let me have the air conditioner and let me have this hand me down 

Lost of Money

Dear Jesus,I knew that you are looking at me and watching what i am doing,i lost my money in online trading .

A letter that was written 3 years ago