In jesus name I pray… amen.

Dear God, my mother is sick and she has problems with her lungs.

I don’t want her to leave me.

She needs to stay in my life.

If she left me I don’t know what I would do.

She’s my whole world and I can’t lose her.

Please God answer this one prayer.

I will only ask this of you if that’s what it takes to keep her in my life.

Will you please help my mom.

I have faith that she will survive from this and quit smoking.

I just need your help.

I just can’t lose her.

And you know that.

I think=] please God I will do anything for my mom to stay in this world..

I have faith that you will help my mom with this.

I know you will help her.

I love you, God.

Please do this for me and my mom. I just can’t lose her.

Thank you for listening…

I hope you read this and I hope you can help in any way.

In Jesus name, I pray…