Letter to God

Dear Almighty God,

I am writing to ask you for peace and love in my life, I wish I become noticed by bricklaying employers so I can get an apprenticeship as soon as I finish Year 11. I also wish for good luck in all my endeavors in the future.

Thank you for your time,
Phoenix Harris

Give me the strength

Thank you, lord Jesus, for everything you have done in my life, for all the good things you have done, and for the time

I love you <3

After Reading everything about you and your history, knowing you took people away from me for a reason, You heard conversations that I didn’t you

I need my daughter with me

I’m not feeling well without my daughter. I didn’t see my daughter since 2021 Dec. I want her to be with me forever..

The Darkness that I am in

Dear GOD, I was always told to pray to you every day by my grandmother, and as you know, I do, but I am in