Dear God,
First of all, I just wanted you to know that I am forever grateful for all the blessings and guidance you’ve given to my family.

I know I don’t deserve them, but I pray that you may never get tired of watching over us.

I want to apologized for all the sins I’ve committed, I want to be a good person and be accepted to your kingdom when time comes but I know that I’m no saint or pure enough to call myself worthy to be with you, but just know God that for me you are my source of strength and hope in this world full of suffering.

It is enough that God knows my true feelings, what I’ve been through and the struggles of my family.

I pray to god that I may able to graduate college in time, pass the board exam, and get a good job to finally give back to my parents who tirelessly worked to support me throughout my life.

They might not know but I love them more than they would expect, they are my inspiration and part of my success.

I pray God that my parents may forever remain healthy and live long enough to see the joy in life.

Just know God that whatever happens in the end, know that I am forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me and that I love you, In this lifetime no one knows my side, struggles, life better than you do.