Me in Jesus name I pray..amen

hey god, I been trying to do good works, and its hard since I’m 16 and my mom has lost focus on you.

sometimes I don’t make it to church cause i rely on rides and sometimes I get let down, i luv you and Jesus yall are everything to me..

please give me strength in you and help me abide by your rules..

it’s not easy lord.

please help me understand what i need to do and keep me safe and be with me.

I know I have let you down so many times and it hurts me but I know it hurts you worse and thankyou 4 not given up on me..

I try and I been trien everyday my friends tell me not to give up and i won’t..

You’re my best friend and i don’t wanna lose you cause I know what it feels and it’s death but your alive and it’s the worst feeling ever…

lord, i thankyou 4 everything that you have done for me but lord take away all my burdens and sins..

give me peace..

i just got through a trial and it was terrible..

but I’m better now but I know I could feel a whole lot better if you were to feel me with the holy ghost please it would totally help..

i talk to everyone about you and try to help the disbelievers..

but help me lord cause i love you and i understand why some things have happened know but be with me in Jesus name I pray..