my dear love ! Sorry

my dear love!

Sorry I did not appreciate you and I did not give you the proper respect

Sorry I did not trust you and I always doubted your intentions

Sorry you had to suffer all the time

Sorry I did not tell you that you were always the most honest with me and the most real

Sorry I was not listening to you

Sorry I did not pay attention to your wishes

Sorry I was hard

Sorry I was a nuisance and the complaints and the complaining

Sorry for jealousy

Sorry for letting you feel I’m better than you

Sorry I did not get up every morning with a smile when I saw you

Sorry I was looking for what was wrong and I forgot what was good

I’m sorry I ran away and did not run, which I also hurt from a distance

Sorry I hurt you with harsh words

Sorry I forgot that you were by my side in good and bad times in good times

Sorry I said you were nothing without me

Sorry I pressed for what I already had

I am sorry that with all that you have already passed I have transferred you to unnecessary suffering

I’m sorry I got you scared

Sorry for the first quarrel and the last quarrel and all those who were in the middle

Sorry that the children also took out the anger and it hit you too

I’m sorry I said you were a case instead of saying to yourself you won

Sorry I did not tell you my love for you every day

Sorry I wanted and tried to change you

Sorry I did not say that you are not like the world, that you are the best of them all

Sorry I did not believe you really loved me

Sorry I tried to check my place in your heart, so I actually lost you forever

Sorry I can not let my love go to you

Sorry I did not ask for forgiveness when I needed to