My first confession

Dear father, please forgive me, for I have sinned.

And never before have I gone for confession.

For a long time, I had lost my faith, from when I was about ten, until a few years ago.

Slowly but steadily, I found back my faith, fortunately.

In the meanwhile, I have done lots of things I should not have done. I blasphemed against Your Holy Name I have had sex, although I’m not married, I have told lies, even to myself, I have been lazy, I have been selfish, I’ve been jealous and idle, In thought, I have cheated, in reality, I almost cheated, I have cursed people and have not always loved my neighbor, I’ve done drugs, I’ve drunk too much, I have sto (and have been arrested for it).

Please, Lord forgive me, help me to become more holy, and help me to live in Jesus Christ.

Let the Holy Spirit guide me on the path of life.