My life

So when I was five I saw my sister get stabbed by my moms boyfriend and it happened literally in front of Me it traumatize me because I saw blood not just that

He used to look at me at night and it terrified me because I was five years old and he showed me inappropriate content and I told my mom about it recently and she tells me to get over it and it hurts

because I can’t get over that and when she left him she got a new boyfriend and he traumatized me too he would call me inappropriate words and I was really young to and my mom will just let him and you really hurt me see my life has always been broken and now that I’m a little bit bigger I struggle with self-harm depression anxiety and when you have depression and anxiety it’s hard because you want friends

but you don’t want to socialize and I might wanna be alone but I don’t wanna be alone emotionally because I’m hurting it’s hard and my family just tells me to get over it oh I forgot to mention I have ADHD to so that sucks and I’m really young I’m really really really young And I’m going to therapy now but I don’t know it’s hard to talk about this so that’s why am doing this anonymously also I wanted to take my life

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