Need you

Hi god
I am not well. Please help me . I need you . You know I love by heart. I am not like other people. For me love is everything.

These days its hard for me to survive because of him. I truly love him and he is talking to somebody else. I feel terrible and breaking day my day minute by minute. Pls god help me .

Make him pls god . I need uou help me . You know everything

God,please help me in my distress

Dear God, help me in my situation please:I have rent arrears for my house and shop premise,school fees balancebank loan balances,food provision for my family 

From darkness to light

Dear God, as you are the Light, may the darkness of my life will light again.

my moms bird

I’m not asking for anything, well i am. i have been selfish. I know god knows what happpened, but im seeking forgiveness