Noncaring GOD

Dear GOD,
I just wanted to say that I have given up all hope of ever being happy.

God does not care anymore about anything.

HE has become a sell out.

He does not want to help others as HE says.

All HE wants to do is punish the good people.

If you are evil, he rewards you in bounties.

But to someone who works hard, HE will find a way to put you back in you place.

You say that HE is testing your faith, well I call BS.

GOD is not a caring person.

HE likes to see HIS people suffer.

Seems like HE is on a power or ego trip.

Over and over again I see evil getting everything that they want. All I have ever wanted is to get married and have kids.

But GOD consistently says no. Now I will never know the joys of being a dad or husband.

Don’t give me the BS of Abraham and all of the others being dads at 90 or so, that is to old to enjoy then.

I would love to be able to open a animal rescue shelter to help HIS creatures, but once again, HE had rather see them suffer than to help them.

GOD just doesn’t care anymore. If I cannot be happy even a little bit on Earth, then I will never be happy in Eternity.

I know how much GOD hates me, so I no longer am afraid of spending my time in HELL for eternity. That is my fate.

So I ask you to let me start my punishment in HELL by asking you to pray to GOD the HE takes my life. Just let me die.

Let’s get this over with.

I cannot follow someone who just does not care about me.

SO please just let me die.