MEN. Love Always Ziracotta

hello, I am a young woman seeking for a happy and propurose life.

I have had so many things that has happened just I’m sure everyone else.

I need your help heavenly father.

I need more strength and I need to be stable for myself as well as my newborn.

I ?ve made some unwise decisions in my life by trusting someone that was not worthy.

And pretty much I lost everything.

Now I would say that I But my faith in this person believing in you heavenly father but I thought I was in love.

Apparently, He did not feel the same way.

It’s ok though because I forgive everyone and I let you take care of them heavenly father.

It just hurts really bad because you love them unconditionally, that’s what your about

.God I asked if you can please forgive me and make me completely righteous and whole with you GOD!I am not perfect but I want to be in your eyes.

I’m tired of suffering and going through unnecessary things GOD.

Can you please help me with all the things I need and want, Most importantly my needs.

Right now I need a place of my own I once had before but with much more space because I have a new add to my family.

Also, a well paying job, where I can save and still live comfortably.

I need my moms to get right with you and for her to be perfectly healthy.

I need my brothers to have stability as well and keep them strong through this tough fight in this worldly world.

I want all of our family to be really close and to heal in embedded scars in our family.

I want complete happiness and a dovoted man but for now, getting myself right first is really important to me.

I need to lose all my weight and keep it off.

For my health and confidence.

God, you know what I need and I truly trust and believe that you will always take care of me.

One more thing I would to get my license for cosmetology and any other certificate I want to achieve in life.

Thank you GOD AMEN.

Love Always Ziracotta