Lord Jesus cover me with your precious blood

Father, I thank you for the gift of this new day.

Please help me to use it for your honor and glory.

Lord Jesus cover me with your precious blood and fill me with your Holy Spirit and lead me every day of my life.

I confess – everything

I confess that I have sinned by telling lies, I have spoken badly of God and of the angels and by desperation, I tried to […]

Why so sinful

Well, once again I decided to sin big time all of a sudden. I live a good Christian life and then get a desire to […]

My love I did not lie

I write here for the last time. I want to trust life, to lead us to the best places. I did not lie because I […]

My Soul

My Soul Only today I understand what you are going through. I apologize that I was so inconsiderate, unattractive. You tried to explain to me […]