abundance. Thank You! Tina

My family needs you.

Guide us back to peace.

Clean our lives and bring us close to you again.

What happened? I am scared, but my faith helps me through it.

Shield my family.

Help us succeed with all we attempt.

You only know what is in my heart.

I am sorry for things I did in the past-whether I caused it, or the enemy caused it. Please forgive me.

You are great and most powerful.

Your way is so beautiful.

Don’t forget my family.

Please help us all to become examples for others to follow.

Thank you for using me to help you.

I pray I made you proud.

I love you and I love Jesus.

Thank the Virgin Mary for enduring such a great pain as a mom on Earth-but such joy as the Mother of God in Eternity.

Thank Him for dying for me and my family.

Thank Him for appearing to me many times.

I needed Him then and I need Him now.

God have mercy on us all. Please help us-your Love can heal everything-that is our weapon against the enemy.

Make this the New Year that begins a path of many, many years of your abundance.

Thank You! Tina