Please Forgive Me..I want to Improve

I masterbate and watch porn.

I was sexually abused when I was 3 or 4.

I became a lesbian with my cousin at the age of 9 and continued till I was 12.

I used to play with my body parts until a few years ago, and still do sometimes when I watch pron.

I also have a habit of lying, I lie about ho rich my family is, and how maky cars we own etc.

I also lie about how I was such a great athelete in high school.

I lie a lot more on a daily basis.

I also manupulate people.

I recently tried to confess to my ex boyfriend who is my friend, but it was really hard.

I had told him that I had no other boyfriend before him, I had lied to him for 2 years , but I came clean of that, but could not cofess the rest.

I know tomorrow he will be with some other woman so why should I tell him anything right? But should I? From today I want to stop everything and want to be forgiven for my sins.