please help me god

dear god, I want many things in my life. I know you have already given me many good things in my life but pls also give me these things given below:

  1. got it jodhpur BTECh in good branch.
  2. my height and mass increased and my personality also increase before going iit jodhpur.
  3. earn 5 crores per year at the age of 21 to 60 years by the legal way not doing much work.
  4. become an ifs officer on the first attempt and always placed in better countries in which I am satisfied.
  5. My married and girlfriend be shivangi Rawat of my school who is 1-year junior.
  6. I am always mentally strong and enjoy my today and live with consciousness and never thoughts wrong things and I have control over my mind.
  7. In it jodhpur, I have a lot of money and bought a car legally way in my 21 age onwards.
  8. I am physically fit and mentally fit.
  9. I sleep only for 3 hours for at least 4 years from today onwards and am fully fit and always working hard to work for my dreams.
  10. Maths, physics, and chemistry are very easy for me, and all questions in jee mains, and advanced come from manzil2.o series by jee wallah youtube channel.
  11. I easily learn physics, maths, chemistry formula, and concept and never forgets them.

pls god fulfills all the 11 wishes in my life I am very delightful to you.

if you fulfill all these wishes, I wake up at 1 pm on the morning of 3 April 2022 without alarm. it’s a sign that you help me I promise you that if all these wish fulfilled I gave 1 kg of gold to Shirdi Mandir at the age of 27. it’s my promise to you.

– Mohit

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