please show me your will and way

Dear heavenly Father, I am not so good at praying, but I would like to express this through this letter.

I pray that all kids from nursery to 5th and 6th grade take something powerful out of vbs. I pray that parents are willing to trust all of our workers and teachers so we can give and shine the light of god upon all of our teachers, students, and my fellow youth.

Please give us a way to do your work through us and me.

And give my family strength that my mom gets a new liver or her liver is healed and healthy, I would also like to pray for my youth’s Pensacola trip I am so excited and ready to spread your word with people.

In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

My dad I want him to to apologize to me for always being mean to me

My dad I want him to admit to people that he has a mental illness and that he wants people to support him and say

The meaning of forgiveness in different religions

Forgiveness is a powerful concept that has been studied and practiced by different religions for centuries.

Forgive me

I don’t know whom to address, but I sincerely ask for forgiveness of my grave mistakes which I repent and wish wouldn’t have happened.

lord forgive me

Dear Lord, I come before you today, acknowledging my shortcomings and asking for your forgiveness. I have sinned against you and others, and I ask