Dear God,

Regardless of what I say or confess, I know you read my heart. You’ve saved me before. You’ll save me again. I am not going to question your decision; just give me the power to accept it.

Regardless of what I say or confess, I want to express my sincerest remorse and regret for my actions. I acknowledge that I have made mistakes and have caused harm to others. I understand that my words or confessions may not undo the pain I have caused, but I hope that by acknowledging my wrongdoings, I can take the first step towards making amends.

I deeply regret the choices I have made and the hurt I have inflicted upon those around me. I understand the gravity of my actions and the consequences they have had on others’ lives. I am filled with remorse and a genuine desire to change.

I hate my personality

Please make my personality better, nobody likes me Iā€™m so quiet and weird.

Thank you for your boundless love and mercy,

I come to you today with a heavy heart, full of remorse and guilt for all my sins.