Prayer for healing

Dear God, I know that I’m not the best person but… I really need a miracle right now. I’m grateful to have all these people who love me and cherish me. I’m grateful for the love and happiness in my life. That’s why I pray for my health. I wanna be okay. Please let me live my life without sickness.

Please let me spend a long life with the people I love please heal my body….. I need your miracles. Please let this storm in my life pass…. I promise that I will do better in being grateful and faithful. But right now…. I really need your help. You don’t owe me anything …I know. But I’m here to pray for your help and I will make sure that I will live the rest of my life earning it… deserving it as best as I can. Please. I love my family I love my friends. I love miko.

Let me live a long life without any illness or disability….I know you have a plan for me ..but please… I’m not strong enough to handle this. You gave me all this for a reason…. I know… you won’t abandon me. I also ask for forgiveness for every mistake and moment of weakness I’ve had… but I’m trying. I really am.


Enhance Your Listening Skills: Master the Art of Attentive Communication

Listening is not merely the passive act of receiving sound; it’s an active process that involves focus, mindfulness, and a willingness to understand.